How Google Drive Can Improve Your Teaching

Ever since it was introduced to the online public, Google Drive has been an interesting and exciting tool for innovators and professional workers alike. If you have heard of Google Drive but have not necessarily found the time to really invest in learning its intricacies, you might be missing out on several opportunities to enhance your working environment. Google Drive features such as audio feedback and voice commands are elements of the program that have been specifically designed to add to the quality and innovation of a teacher’s working life, hoping to add something new and fresh to the learning experience. Keep reading to discover what we think are the five most compelling reasons to start using Google Drive in the classroom.
  1. Conversational Grading
  2. In today’s modern teaching environment, there is something about the sight of red teacher’s ink on a paper that feels distinctly old fashioned and sparks a distance between student and educator. Rather than big red crosses in work, constructive criticism has been marked as the best way forward in teacher marking, and whilst a piece of homework still needs a grade, the way that feedback is given can be drastically different using Google Drive. With the voice commenting function, a teacher can now give in depth analysis of a paper in a much more conversational manner than before, making the process feel less judgmental and letting the student know that you are just as committed to marking their homework as they are to writing it.
  3.  Language Learning
  4. Learning a language in school can be tough task, especially when the only resources you might have are cold hard words on a page that you find difficult to bring to life. This process can become much daunting, though, if you use Google Drive to provide voice commenting, the act of learning becomes much more realistic and, again, conversational. Being able to give some audible feedback to a foreign language assignment makes perfect sense, and Google Drive allows for this to happen.
  5. Speaking Tests
  6. You can install dedicated apps in to your Google Drive, such as Kaizena for example, that allows students to upload an oral essay to the servers for you to mark. This is a revolutionary breakthrough when it comes to things like oral assignments, debates and language tests, as I don’t think there has ever been a class in history that hasn’t run out of time before everybody has had their turn. Being able to upload oral assignments for teachers to mark makes it a much easier and less in class time consuming process.
  7. Disability Friendly Learning
  8. Google Drive can be the perfect tool for accommodating students in a class who might have to contend with certain learning difficulties. The voice feedback function can provide some much needed support, especially for a problem like nonverbal learning disability where a student fails to understand written words. To be able to complete a more oral form of homework would allow them to shine in the ways in which they are able, therefore no ostracizing them for their disabilities.
  9. Distance Education
  10. Google Drive, and the Internet in general, has completely changed the game when it comes to distance learning. Educators can now supplement their salaries by giving online classes to students enrolled solely for computer learning. In fact, online learning is one of the fastest growing forms of education in the world, and the tools and functions of Google Drive are the perfect companion for giving and exchanging assignments for teachers and students that are never likely to physically meet one another.